Thursday, 12 March 2015

In The Lonely Hour | Sam Smith

Hello folks,

Today I am talking about my current music obsession- 'In The Lonely Hour' by Sam Smith. Also can we just talk about that photo for a second because I am very proud of how tumblr it looks.

This album is quite simply flawless.

I picked this up at a charity shop for £3, I don't know how because it only came out a month or two ago so I think it must have been given away by accident plus it was still in it's cellophane. Oh well, I'm not complaining.

You know when you get an album you have to listen to all the songs a couple of times before you start to really like it? Not with Sam Smith. I only knew half of the songs yet I still could resonate with all of them, this is like the relatable-ness of  Taylor Swift mixed with what I imagine chocolate would sound like. Just let that sink in.

My favorite songs of the moment from 'In the Lonely Hour' are Life Support and Not in that Way. To be honest I love them all so ignore that last sentence.

Have you heard his album yet? Leave your favourite song below!

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Speak soon x

Sunday, 8 March 2015

We Are Completely Beside Ourselves | Book Of The Month

Hi everyone!

I have decided to pick a book to recommend to y'all this month and think I might make it a 'thing'.

I don't know, I just think 'Book of The Month' has a lovely ring to it- don't you agree?

So this month I am recommending a really interesting book. It's difficult to describe it to you without ruining the massive twist that happens near the start of the book that is actually the middle of the story, confusing I know. Sozzles. I will try my best though..

'We are Completely Beside Ourselves' was written by Karen Joy Fowler and was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. Oooh fancy.

So basically this book is about a gal named Rosemary who has a sister named Fern. They are best friends and everything is just fab and then all of a sudden they aren't because Fern disappears in horrific circumstances that her sister wishes she could forget. 

I must admit that initially this book was tricky to get into but after the first 20 pages I couldn't stop reading it! This is such an interesting book and the idea behind it is amazing. I wouldn't describe it as an easy read but definitely isn't a difficult one either- a happy medium you might say.

Believe me I wish I could go more into detail about this book but I would hate to spoil such an amazing plot twist. The only hint I can give you is it's loosely about animal rights and testing but that makes it sound so lame.. ugh the frustration is real.

Okay if you really want to know the 'Thing' I'm talking about click this link.. don't say I didn't warn you..

Please just read this book. I bought it as part of the 3 for £10 deal on Amazon paperbacks. I would love to hear what you think of it!

Speak to you all soon x

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Monday, 2 March 2015

Easy Peasy Brow Pencil?

Hello everyone!

I'm about to do that cliched apology that all bloggers make when they haven't posted in a while. I'm sorry, I have been away skiing and the Wi-Fi has been all but non-existent- I can only apologize on behalf of the Cairngorm Mountains. #MountainProbs

Today I am reviewing the Soap and Glory Archery 2-IN-1 Brow Filling Pencil & Brush. I don't think many people are aware that there are two Archery brow pencils- the 'Brow Tint and Precision Pencil' and the one I bought, the '2-IN-1 Brow Filling Pencil & Brush'. I certainly wasn't, so when I went to the counter I was completely stumped...Not a great start. 

As a person who had never filled in their brows before I went for the crayon one as a brow tint seemed a bit too intimidating for me- as someone who mocks badly applied eyebrows I couldn't bear the idea of bad looking/messy brows.

I opted for the lightest pencil in Blondeshell because I didn't want them to be too dark (In hindsight I wish I had gone darker). I also went through a cringey moment where I asked the lady at the counter if she thought it was the right colour , she then proceeded to stare at my eyebrows for a good 10 seconds and said "Yes, I... think so dear." . It's safe to say she thought I was the most incapable customer of all time. 

Though I have no previous experience with brows I really think that this is such a good product. People have compared it to the Anastasia Brow Wizz- I don't know if this is a good comparison but there you go haha.

In terms off easiness to use, this is so simple my dog could do it.  The brush does the job really well and the pencil is so smooth and pigmented that it make my eyebrows looks so defined- yet natural. 

The only issue I have with this pencil is that once it's on it only lasts about 6 hours, meaning that I put it on before school and by the time I'm home, my eyebrows have vanished! I think this is due to the fact that the colour is slightly too light for me so I wouldn't let that put you off!

I hope you have enjoyed this post, it wasn't a very informative review so if you have any questions leave them below! Haha x

See you next time..

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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Songs to cry to.

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Hello everyone!

Sorry for the depressing title. This is going to be a depressing post. It's been one of those days. Plus it's Valentines Day. Personally, I'm not bothered about being single today, but as the internet decided if you're single it's trendy to be depressed on the 14th , I decided to join it.

Sometimes, hopefully not all the time, you just need a good cry, so I've made a playlist of cheesy pop songs that you can listen to when you want to sit in your room, eat ice-cream from the tub (never done it personally, but it looks fun.), and be a sobbing mess for an hour or two. Have fun gals.

Breath Me by Sia

Let Her Go by Passenger

The Only Exception by Paramore

Someone Like You by Adele

Explosions by Ellie Goulding

Bad Day by Daniel Powter

Say Something by A Great Big World ft. Christine Aguilera

Skyscraper by Demi Levato

Fix You by Coldplay

Skinny Love by Birdy

Wake Me Up by Ed Sheeran

Mad World by Roland Orzabal

And once you've finished I want you to listen to this song.

 I hope you've enjoyed this post, leave below other sad song suggestions please! I love a good crying session...

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Monday, 9 February 2015

Supplements That Make You Beautiful?

Hello everyone!

You are probably here because you read the title and thought, wait what?

It's a bold statement to make and I'm not convinced. 
Beautify Me Vitamin Complex by Inner Me just by the name claims to do so though! 

I first heard of these on a UK Television show called 'Dragon's Den' and I was intrigued so I was beyond excited when these arrived in a 'Love Me Beauty' Box a while ago and couldn't wait to give it a try.

You take two capsules a day for 2 weeks and claims to be good for your skin as well as generating cell growth in hair and nails. Basically it makes them grow stronger and faster.

The first thing I was drawn to was the packaging. How cool is it? It has two pull out trays and it just looks so nice compared to your average glass jar  of capsules that I usually associate supplements with. 

In terms of effectiveness, it did work , but I am doubtful that it is worth the RRP of £15. For me that is a ridiculous amount of money to pay for supplements will only last two weeks...

I saw a small amount of hair growth and my nails did get a bit longer and definitely stronger. My skin was where I saw a massive improvement. Almost overnight all my spots practically vanished! Unfortunately though after the course was over they came back and I didn't want to spend any money on getting more as it is very pricey.

Overall I did notice a difference with this and I really did like it but in all honesty, I'm sure you could find less expensive supplements that do the same job because I feel like you are paying for the packaging with this one! I love the ethics of the company and if you are after a quick fix for your skin and nails this might be for you.

I hope you enjoyed this post :)
See you soon!

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Friday, 6 February 2015

Tips For Going To The Hairdressers.

Hello Everyone!

Today I went to the hairdressers! I now have a long-side-fringe-thingy going on and I love it. Saying that though it was probably the most unpleasant hairdressing experience I've ever had. 

My stylists idea of a head massage was like being tortured- I genuinely thought she was pulling my hair out. The customer service was rubbish, she was clearly more focused on getting it done than making sure I was happy with the end result. Plus the salon was freezing, I was pretty surprised a penguin didn't walk in to get it's feathers manicured.

So today I thought I'd give some tips for going to the hairdressers so that you (hopefully) don't have the same experience that I did.

-Bring Pictures

I know, it's obvious but giving your hairdresser an idea of what you want is always a good shout. My hair inspiration is Fluer De Force-her hair is stunning. I also love Jennifer Aniston's hair. I've never had a haircut that I'm unhappy with and I think bringing in images of looks I like is the reason why.

Love makeup
-Look Your Best

I learnt this the hard way last year when I sat in the chair for 2 hours with no makeup on, with my oldest clothes on staring at myself in the mirror. This combined with the worst lighting in existence left me feeling very underwhelmed as I left the salon with my new hair. Look your best so you can walk out the door feeling like a supermodel flicking your beautiful, freshly-cut hair as it flows behind you in the gentle breeze. Lovely.

Untitled | via Tumblr
-Bring Snacks

Especially if you are going to be at the salon for more than an hour, you may get peckish. Bring some dried food or some nuts if you want to be healthy although let's be real here, if it was me I would bring chocolate.

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-If you aren't happy, say.

There is nothing worse than going home unhappy with your hair- you have payed good money for it and spent time getting it done. Think of it as buying something and realizing it's broken, you wouldn't keep it, you would get your money back or ask for a replacement. It's the same with hair. It might be awkward but you need to make sure you are satisfied with it. Also, your stylist would much rather have you like it than have you tell people you are unhappy with it, it's bad for business.

Also as a side note, I would always ask for a slightly shorter cut than you were planning. I find that it always seems shorter in the salon but after a while there doesn't seem to be much of a difference. Plus it saves you having to come back for a while.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post! I would love to know any of your tips or experiences of the hairdressers!

See you soon x

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Saturday, 31 January 2015

A Little Challenge.

draw  | via Tumblr

Hello everyone!

I was reading a few blogs last night when I came across this- the 30 Day Minimalism Challenge.  It really intrigued me and I decided to do it, starting from the 1st of February. 

Lately my life has felt cluttered and disorganized full of things (and people) that don't need to be in my life, and as harsh as it sounds- I'm a great believer of cutting out dead weight from my life.

So as the name suggests this will last thirty days and will have a different challenge everyday like downsizing your beauty collection (eek), or unfollowing and unfriending people on social media.

I feel like all these goals are realistic but will still make a difference!

I am really excited for this and hope that it will help me make positive changes in my life.

If any of you are doing this comment below! I would love someone to do this with me! I'll let you know how this goes at the end of February so watch this space...

See you soon!

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